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A career in design can give you an outlet for your creative drive and provide you with the satisfaction of seeing tangible results from your efforts. Designers today combine entrepreneurism, technology, innovation and design and are able to move into areas where they are able to create maximum positive impact on the society.

Rangsit University has been an innovator and pioneer in education in Thailand and has launched the first masters program in Art & Design in Thailand, 18 years ago. Since then we continue to train problem solvers and visionaries of tomorrow.

Our MFA is an interdisciplinary program that encourages students with divergent backgrounds to pursue their graduate degree. Fundamental to our program is the unique process of systematic problem solving called ‘Design Thinking’ where students are trained to draw upon their intuition & imagination and apply a research-based logical reasoning to explore various possibilities and arrive at solutions to given problems.

Whether you are moving forward in your area of expertise or looking to unlock your creative potential, the MFA Program at RSU is the right program to bring your skills to the next level and give you an edge in today’s job market.

Studying a design program at RSU offers many other benefits. You will have access to the powerful alumni network of highly successful professionals who are now industry leaders in fashion, photography, interior design, product design, visual communication and advertising as well as visual effect and computer animation.

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The faculty of Art & Design has 3 galleries that proudly showcase the work of the students and alumni. Each exhibition is promoted through the social media platforms, emails broadcasts and blogs.



Workshops: The faculty of art and design has a fully equipped wood, metal and ceramic workshop with highly trained technicians to help you train as well as realise your ideas into a final prototype. High performance 3D Printers and laser cutters are also available for you to learn and explore digital crafting techniques.